shrug-l: Colorado and Florida Lowest Ranked on National GIS Coordination Survey

Lee Hartsfield
Wed, 02 Jun 2004 12:01:01 -0400

As part of some recent discussions held at the SHRUG meeting last
November and the recent Joint Mapping Conference, I had an opportunity
to discuss this and other issues with Steve Hodge. Steve had agreed to
place his name as the contact when David Stage left his position with
the FL GIB.  However, it did not recognize Steve as anything more than
an e-mail address.  

I am part of a FLURISA sub-committee which is planning a statewide
GIS/Geo-spatial Forum.  Many key GIS professionals from around Florida
have expressed an interest in discussing strategies on how we can
improve the cooperative efforts of GIS around the state.  The one day
forum would explore revitalizing GIS cooperative and collaborative
efforts within Florida.  

Florida has seen a growth of strong regional user groups and this could
provide the nucleus for a stronger statewide organization.  Hopefully,
the FLURISA sub-committee can provide the forum for the discussion to
begin.  We are bringing together the sub-committee in the next few days
to discuss timing, format and a list of targeted individuals to attend. 
Your input is appreciated.  Thanks, Lee 

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Jim, you are right, According to NSGIC David filled out the survey,
is not the coordinator, he did so as a private industry
no further details. I guess we couldn't even coordinate a coordinator.
NSGIC indicated that they listed Steve but have never talked with him.
Tracy Tucker (NSGIC) indicated that prior to the release of the
NSGIC contacted the governor's office who referred them to the State
CIO.  Although several attempts were made, there was no response from
the CIO's office. 

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Our NSGIS Rep was David Stage. I would guess that he was not replaced.

This is a most embarrassing situation and it is unfortunately
involvement in the community we call GIS have diminished nation-wide.
Organizations like ASPRS and URISA are all but dead.  Even FSMS, who
people think represent the survey community, represent less that 30%
their industry.  Small local users group are popping up to fill the
In many ways the rise of local users groups indicate that the
needs are not being addressed in a larger forum.  The local/regional
users groups are a result of a lack of leadership in this State.  The
Mapping Conference has very little involvement by the State and has
considerable in the past 6 years.  I would guess that the turnout has
consistently been below 200 for 5 years.

I am encouraged that several or the State Agencies GIS Coordinators
lease concerned.  Where are the rest of you?

More of my opinion:  This is a perfect use of this List!  This is the
re-building of a community.

I'm really stuck on the term community, it is what makes a single
powerful; the support of a community!


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don't know but I am calling NSGIC today to find out
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Question, who is "our" NSGIC State Representative that filled out the

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Great - looking forward to moving ahead on this important issue.  Our
users and Executive staff want this issue to manifest into a series of


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