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The survey results are based on the response of one person, so I feel that
the results are flawed from the beginning.  A response from another person
(or persons) could yield any number of "Yes" answers, and we wouldn't be
having this discussion.  If Florida were 50th in productivity and
innovation, then perhaps I would be embarrassed.  But somehow our state is
very successful and progressive with the use of GIS  (wasn't DEP recognized
at last year's ESRI conference?), without the utilization of a statewide
coordinator.  Where is the proof that the other states are necessarily
better off?


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I agree with Jim.  The local groups, particularly SHRUG, are fulfilling the
GIS community's needs that were never filled by all the various
professional groups who seem to see GIS as new turf to take over, and are
not really vested in the community.  The Annual Conference's down south
appear as "Good Old Boy" networks to new members of the community who are
turned off by the appearance of a closed system that is not addressing
their issues.

Previous coordination efforts determined the Metadata Collector was more
important than real interaction with the GIS entities.  So DEP spent
considerable effort coordinating many data collection and federal cost
sharing initiatives.  But in hindsight, I don't believe that it is DEP or
DEM's job to perform the coordination, but to interact with the
coordinator, and join in partnerships with other agencies.

What is missing is a funded coordinator position that is not beholding to
any one agency, understands the technology, and can see the big picture.
That position could be funded at a nominal cost to the overall amount of
money spent on GIS by all the local, regional, and state agencies.  You
might even be able to quantify cost savings to justify the expenditure.

And last, I believe this is exactly the forum for this discussion or I
wouldn't subscribe to it.  If you're trolling for "how-to"'s or "where do I
get"'s ignore the reply's.

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