shrug-l: GIS / CAMA Integration

Tripp C. Corbin
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 13:56:56 -0400

We are currently developing a routine for Upson County Georgia that
allows folks to view the County Appraisal sketches contained in the
County's CAMA via their website ( This will
display the sketches in a separate explorer window from a link located
in the detailed information report for each parcel. These sketches are
being generated on the fly directly from the CAMA database. We hope to
have that live in the next week or so. We have developed the code so it
can work with ArcIMS, MapGuide or as a stand alone module.

Upson County uses WinGAP for their CAMA. (WinGAP is a program that was
developed as a group effort between Georgia's Dept. of Revenue and
various county assessors offices.) Unfortunetly this does not store the
real world coordinates of the structures so it would not be an easy task
to pass this information back in to ESRI as a layer.=20

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GISer -

We are looking for contacts at County Appraisal Offices that are
integrating or pursuing the integration of Building SubAreas/Footprints
sketches into GIS. =20

There are several programs on the market that save the sketches and make
them viewable in CAMA but we are interested in taking it to the next
level and viewing the sketches as a layer (ESRI) with parcel lines over

If your organization is doing something similar or know of one, please
respond.  We would like to know the issues encountered during the
integration process and the products used to implement.=20


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