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Like Tom, I have also been asked to lets folks know about the GIS courses that I teach at TCC. I offer a GIS curriculum which complements the GPS sequence taught by Tom Biernacki and may be of interest to the SHRUG community.  

SUR2390 is taught in the Fall and provides students with history, theory, basic skills and concepts of GIS and computer cartography.  This course utilizes ESRI's ArcGIS 9.1 software.  

SUR2390 - GIS Applications In Engineering & Technology
Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of computer proficiency. 
Covers application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Engineering Technology and related areas. It also provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in utilizing ArcGIS 9.x software for data management in mapping and topographic survey. Contact 3 hours. (Additional fee)
SUR2392 is a more advanced course which builds upon concepts learned in SUR2390.  This course is taught during the Spring semester, and focuses on the ESRI extensions Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and 3-D Analyst, along with an exploration of the Geodatabase model for data storage.  A greater emphasis is placed on data analysis and GIS modeling.  This course is intended for those who have satisfactorily completed the SUR2390 course, or have at least 1 year of GIS experience in application.
SUR 2392 - Advanced GIS Applications in Engineering 
Prerequisite: SUR 2390 or Instructor approval. 
This course is a continuation of SUR 2390 to cover advanced topics in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its application in Engineering Technology. It also provides students with greater hands-on experience in ArcGIS software to manage, manipulate, analyze, and display spatially referenced data for solving problems in complex planning and management. Contact 3 hours. (Additional fee)
Each of these courses are available as part of the GIS Certificate program, or for non-degree seeking students and professionals.

For more information, please visit Tallahassee Community College on the web at:


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