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I have never experienced this behavior. The first things I would try if it occurred to me would be to delete the Normal.mxt and Normal.gxt files. If that did not fix it. I would then try to reload the software. Is this something that has just started? If so did you apply any updates to either windows or ArcGIS just prior to the behavior starting?

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I have a question that seems to be related to ArcGIS installation and/or OS and I would like to ask the Shruggers before proceeding to ESRI tech support.  The problem is that I can NOT resize the windows of ArcMAP or ArcCatalog.  They are either max-out the display window (when open) or become an icon (when close) in the OS’s tool bar.  I do not know what causes that behavior or how it happened.  It appears that this behavior is related to Windows’s or ArcGIS’s security settings though I am not very sure.  This behavior becomes annoying because it prevents drag & drop on the ArcGIS desktop, especially when building models.  


Can someone on this list shed some light on this?  


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