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I've had this issue with other applications but not ArcGIS.  For my past issues it has been the window size values/properties in the registry.  You can get in the registry and fix it or try:
1. Hold the Windows key + M key to minimize all windows. 
2. Hold Shift key + Windows key + M to maximize the windows again. 
3. Resize the application window. 
Hope this helps.


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I have a question that seems to be related to ArcGIS installation and/or OS and I would like to ask the Shruggers before proceeding to ESRI tech support.  The problem is that I can NOT resize the windows of ArcMAP or ArcCatalog.  They are either max-out the display window (when open) or become an icon (when close) in the OS's tool bar.  I do not know what causes that behavior or how it happened.  It appears that this behavior is related to Windows's or ArcGIS's security settings though I am not very sure.  This behavior becomes annoying because it prevents drag & drop on the ArcGIS desktop, especially when building models.  


Can someone on this list shed some light on this?  


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