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Needed: 5 GIS Technicians to perform Quality Assurance and Quality Checks of
facility and landbase records that are being migrated from an existing
proprietary landbase to an industry standard landbase.  This includes
working closely with others and resolving discrepancies between existing
facilities and newly migrated facilities and tagging the items as errors.
After this initial QA/QC period, these candidates will perform the
post-migration clean-up of the data using ESRI and customized tools.

Attention to detail is a must.

Looking for 1-2 years GIS experience.

Demonstrated experience with ESRI ArcGIS, MS Word and MS Excel.

The role of the Mapping technician is to convert gas facility records and
landbase source documents into geographic information system (GIS), produce
special purpose thematic maps, and CADD drawings utilized by the company.

You will be editing, processing and proposing construction projects,
including proposal drawings, suing CADD applications and automated company
tracking and approval database.

Initiating construction project accounting via Peoplesoft financial

Resolving discrepancies between manual records facility and landbase
records GIS.

Looking for 2+ years experience including conversion of manual records into
a GIS or CADD system.

Demonstrated experience with GIS or CADD software, such as ArcView,
ArcInfo, MapInfo and Autocad.

Christy Eley
Resource Development

11675 Rainwater Drive, Ste. 175
Northwinds 600
Alpharetta, GA  30004
Direct Line:  770.346.7211
Toll Free:  866-Synergis (866-796-3744)
Christy.Eley at

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