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Kevin Gorham GorhamK at
Tue Dec 20 15:25:47 EST 2005

The Florida Dept. of Revenue has an opening for a Systems Project
Analyst in Tallahassee.

This position is assigned to the GIS Section of Property Tax
Administration and focuses on aid and assistance to the County Property
Appraisers in Mapping and Geographic Information Systems.

Examples of Work:

Provide technical assistance to County Property Appraisers in
Geographic Information Systems and Cadastral Mapping.
Assist in the development of GIS appraisal applications for the
Department's In-Depth Appraisal Study process and as aid and
assistance to the County Property Appraisers.
Collection, development and processing of geographic data for use
within the Department's statewide cadastral GIS System.
Geographic analysis of appraisal data, production of maps and
databases, analysis of ortho-photography.

Please see website link below for details:

Referred For: 73002600-51173532-20051202092228 (COMPUTER SYSTEMS 

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Kevin Gorham
Senior Management Analyst Supervisor
Florida Dept. of Revenue
Property Tax Administration

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