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Discover how you can take advantage of the hottest new Internet mapping
technology, Google Maps, in your web sites. Keck & Wood is pleased to
announce the upcoming release of Geospatial Training's latest virtual
training course entitled: Google Maps For Your Apps! . Keck & Wood is an
Authorized Reseller for Geospatial Training's virtual training courses
for the Southeast.   
This course is designed to enable you to take advantage of Google Maps
for your website.  You will learn how to create maps, add map controls
for user interactions (zooming, and panning), programmatically alter the
map extent, add points of interest to the map, add custom icons, geocode
addresses on the fly, read addresses from a database or XML file, and
display aerial photography. After successfully completing this course
you will have acquired a good understanding of how you can add:

*	Google Maps to your web site. 
*	Add Google Maps to your web sites.    
*	Add navigational controls to Google Maps    
*	Geocode addresses for interactive display of points 
*	Read points of interest from a database or XML file and plot the
points on Google Maps.  
*	Add custom icons to the maps.  
*	Understand how to use free and pay third party geocoding
services for plotting points. 

Come learn the hottest new mapping technology today in a self-paced,
virtual training environment! Now, for a limited time you can pre-order
this course for only $100 (regular price: $125).  This course begins
shipping January 16th, 2006.  For more information or to order please
contact me.  
Tripp Corbin, MCP, GISP

Associate Vice President, GIS/Mapping

ESRI Authorized Instructor

Keck & Wood, Inc.


(678) 417-4013

(678) 417-8785 fax


Keck & Wood, Inc now offers both instructor led and virtual training for
ArcGIS & ArcView. Contact me for more information. 
Currently Scheduled Classes: 
Introduction to ArcGIS I - January 16-17 at Keck & Wood Corporate Office
in Duluth, Ga. 

Introduction to ArcGIS II - January 18-20 at Keck & Wood Corporate
Office in Duluth, Ga. 

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