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FYI - Here is the answer to the difference between the WGS transformations #1-5: <> &f=984&t=132168#382293
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The steps I listed will work too.  You can export a NEW shapefile from ArcMap in the spatial reference of the data frame (which can be different than the original shapefile).  As long as everything is defined correctly, you'll have no problem.  I do it all the time.
As far as the datum transformation list... that's a good question. I always wondered that.


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Actually, you need to use ArcToolbox to reproject the shapefile.  All the steps mention below do is re-define the projection file.  It would be analogous to assigning a new mailing address to you home without physically moving it from its current location.  In other words, if your house sits at 800 Main Street and you change the address to 21 Jump Street, the house still remains at 800 Main Street.  
The Present version of ArcToolbox that I have (ArcGIS 9.1) is different from that what I'd previously had but it appears to work the same way.
Open up ArcToolbox and select Data Management Tools --> Projections and Transformations --> Project. 
Click on Project and a menu should come up that asks for your imput feature and output (in ArcGIS 9.1 it automatically assigns a 'P' at the end of the name of the input and places it in the output.  Select the projection that you want for the output by clicking on the button to the right of the input window.  That will bring up a menu called "Spatial Reference Properties".
1.) Click the button labeled "Select".
2.) Click the Geographic Coordinate Systems folder
3.) Click the North America folder and select the coordinate system that you want (probably North American 1983 HARN.prj).
4.) Click the "Add" button and select "OK".
If you have any other questions just ask.  
Good luck!
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1. Define your shapefile's spatial reference in ArcCatalog
2. Load the shapefile into ArcMap
3. Change the data frame spatial reference to Lat/Long
4. Export the new shapefile using the data frame's spatial reference (during export)
5. That's it.


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Can anyone tell me how to convert a shape file from State Plane to Lat/Long?
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