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Thomas I'll repeat it one more time.  If you bring it into another GIS
product that doesn't "project on the fly", you will see that the geometry has
not changed.  That's is what Janis did.
Just a moment ago, you said that the Export Data Tool IS NOT a re-projection
tool, but now you are saying that it IS and you were correct the whole time?
I'm not sure what your datum argument is either since I've already explained
datum transformation.  

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I've tested my theory - the Export Data tool created a brand new shapefile in
a completely different geometry consistent with the data frame's coordinate
system (i tested this by 'clearing' the data frame coordinate system - that's
the same as bringing the two datasets into ArcView GIS).  My point is that
the Export Data tools will re-project.  Although, is appears there is no
guarantee that it will transform the datums correctly... "If your data's 
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