shrug-l: J2EE Deployment Specialist position available

Clay, Linc
Wed, 1 Jun 2005 15:21:45 -0400

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Information
Systems is seeking a qualified


This position requires knowledge of the Linux/Unix and Windows 2000/XP
operating systems, microcomputer hardware and software, programming and
troubleshooting. The person occupying this position must also have the
ability to process information logically, troubleshoot, and resolve =
establish and maintain effective working relationships; plan, organize =
coordinate work assignments; communicate effectively, both verbally and =
writing; work independently; and work on-call, weekends and holidays.

The specific duties of this position include:
	*	Installs, configures, maintains, and manages J2EE application
	*	Performs deployment of J2EE applications and associated tasks
including record-keeping.=20
	*	Monitors, analyzes and troubleshoots J2EE application server
deployment problems.=20
	*	Performs Java programming and Unix shell scripting.=20

Familiarity with Open Source tools like JMeter, Apache, Ant, CVS and =
and standard software development processes/methodologies preferred.=20

This is a full-time Career Service position (State of Florida Broadband
Occupation: Computer and Information Systems Managers- L2, Class Title:
Distributed Computer Systems Specialist). Work hours will generally be 8 =
until 5 pm Monday through Friday; some weekend and after hours work may =
required. =20

Minimum qualifications are=20
	*	A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
and one year of experience in computer systems analysis, computer
programming, or in planning or designing distributed computer systems; =
	*	A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
with major course of study in one of the computer sciences or in =
information systems; or=20
	*	Two years of experience as described above and either (1)
completion of a 720 classroom hour program of study from a
vocational/technical school or accredited community college in an area =
data processing (excluding data entry), or (2) 60 semester or 90 quarter
hours of college course work from an accredited institution which =
four courses in computer science or management information systems.=20
	*	Experience as described above can substitute on a
year-for-year basis for the required college education.=20
	*	Completion of a one-year program of study from a
vocational/technical school in an area of data processing (excluding =
entry) can substitute for one year of the required experience.=20

Salary: $31,427 annually (plus anticipated 3.6% pay raise on August 1)

For more information please contact:
		Barbara Kennedy
		Data Processing Manager
		Bureau of Information Systems
		Florida Department of Environmental Protection
		3800 Commonwealth Blvd  MS 6535
		Tallahassee, FL 32399