shrug-l: still confused...

Ken Stocks
Thu, 9 Jun 2005 13:57:57 -0700 (PDT)

Not sure how to save the relative path for the mxd. 
Also, I have tons of data for Gadsden County and need
some hands on help with editing our future land use
map.  Its done in Cad and i have created a topology
and exported it into a shape.  However when changing
the symbology to the correct colors, large gaps appear
in the land use.  I have edited the attribute table to
try to fix the problem, but some of the polygons end
up being stored in the "all other values field".  If
any of you could sit down with me and help me out
sometime, i would appreciate it and be happy to
exchange some data.  Gadsden GIS is a one person
operation right now and I am basically self taught. 
Also, the GIS position is shared with my other title
of Principal Planner which leaves me little time to
solve these problems on my own.  Again, if anyone can
spare some time, I could visit with the laptop and
attempt to finish the conversion from CAD to ArcMap.


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