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You can also create your own sub-directory in the ArcGIS templates
directory (arcgis\arcexe83\bin\Templates\Larry). If you save the mxt
files created in the steps that Trip described to this location, the
ArcGIS templates dialog will show your custom templates under a tab
called Larry or what ever name you choose along with the other ESRI
standard template tabs. ArcGIS will make the MXT fit what ever size page
you have set up in your MXD so you need to set up the page before you
select the template you want to use.

Hope this helps.

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The first thing to remember is templates are stored as .mxt files. You
can apply one to your map document and selecting the change layout
button located on the end of Layout tool bar. It looks like two
with an arched arrow connecting them. Keep in mind that unlike the old
ArcView 3.x you can only have one layout per map document in ArcGIS.
To create a custom template, open an empty map. Then add data
representing the information you wish to display. Next create your
layout including title block, logos, scale, legend and so on for the
size map you wish to print. Then save it as a .mxt file. Make sure you
know were you save it so you can find it when you want to use it.
As to your question about the different versions, you can have trouble
with trying to use ArcGIS 9 and 8.3 in the same shop. The geodatabase
created by ArcGIS 9 is not compatible with 8.3. Several functions in
ArcGIS 9 will require you to upgrade existing geodatabases created
8.3 to the 9.0 format. Once you have done that then the 8.3 users will
not be able to access them. I recommend everyone upgrade to 9.0.
9.0 has been out long enough that with all the service packs applied
is stable and reliable. Also with 9.1 just being released the 8.3
are now two releases behind. 
I hope that helps.    

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Hi fellow Shruggies, 

I need help in ArcGIS.  I have created a few default map document
files which pre-load coverages when they are opened.  My
question/problem is how to "incorporate" pre-designed layouts to these
map documents.  These pre-designed layouts consist of different sizes
and orientation to print to a plotter.  Examples are E-size
landscape/portrait, D-size landscape/portrait, etc.  They have to be
different layout designs because of readability (proportioned text,
logos, etc.)  I have a hard time understanding the concept of
and to create/save them.  (May be taking a course would help). 

Other concern: I am running 9.0 with Spatial Analyst.  The rest of the
computers are running 8.3 without Spatial Analyst.  Does that create a
problem for the rest to use these default map documents? 

Thanks for your help. 

Larry H. Kung
Dept. of Community Affairs
(850) 413-9979

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