shrug-l: ArcView 3.2 to 9.x

Tripp Corbin
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 14:12:16 -0400

ArcGIS does not read Avenue which was the scripting language for ArcView
3.x. So none of the Scripts or Extension written in Avenue will work
with ArcGIS. Many of the more popular scripts and extensions from
ArcView 3.x have been rewritten to run in ArcGIS and can be downloaded
from ESRI's support page.

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I'm making the leap to ArcView 9.1 and want to take my favorite 3.2=20
scripts with me.
Anyone have luck running old scripts (such as two-theme analyst) on the=20
new platform, and if so, are there common pitfalls to avoid? Cheers
Paige St. John Gannett/Tallahassee

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