shrug-l: ArcHydro?

Bill VanSickle
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 09:03:01 -0500


Several of the Water Management Districts are getting into ArcHydro
pretty agressively: St. Johns, South Florida and Southwest have all got
folks working on it, each trying to find the best way to apply it, and
all actively sharing with the other folks who are getting into it.

I think the ArcHydro guru here at St. Johns is Sandra Fox: You can
e-mail her at

Jones, Edmunds & Associates in Gainesville is also working with Dr.
Maidment to further develop the model for SWFMD, I think. Call
352-377-5821 and ask for Alan Foley or Justin Saarinen. Those guys are
generally pretty willing to come give a presentation about it.=20


   - beel

W. E. VanSickle
GIS Analyst III / ES Liaison
Environmental Sciences Division

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Is anyone in SHRUG-land using the ArcHydro data model and tools?  I'm
looking for a brain to pick...

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