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 <> Keck & Wood, Inc.  has scheduled several
ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, & ArcInfo) classes for June &
What & When:
Introduction to ArcGIS I - June 12 - 13 & August 14-15
Welcome to ArcGIS(r). This two day class begins the foundation for
becoming a successful ArcView(r), ArcEditor(tm), or ArcInfo(tm) user.
This course covers fundamental GIS concepts as well as how to query a
GIS database, manipulate tabular data, edit spatial and attribute data,
and present data clearly and efficiently using maps and charts.
Participants learn how to use ArcMap(tm), ArcCatalog(tm), and
ArcToolbox(tm) and explore how these applications work together to
provide a complete GIS software solution.
This is an ESRI developed class taught by an experienced ESRI Authorized
> Introduction to ArcGIS II - June 14 - 16 & August 16-18
Extend what you learned in Introduction to ArcGIS I with further
exploration of ArcMap and ArcCatalog. This three day course focuses on
spatial analysis, automation of spatial and attribute data, editing, and
advanced options for cartographic display. A portion of the class is
reserved for carrying out an analysis project and applying many of the
new skills and techniques learned in this course. Participants conduct
queries, perform spatial analysis, and present their results in a
hard-copy map.

This is an ESRI developed class taught by an experienced ESRI Authorized
0with%20Python.pdf> Introduction to Geoprocessing with Python Scripts in
ArcGIS - August 1- 3
If you are looking at a way to help automate some of your repetitive GIS
processes then using Python Scripts is a way to do that. This course
teaches the fundamental programming constructs of the Python language
and how it can be integrated with ArcGIS Desktop to automate
geoprocessing tasks. Course participants will be led through a series of
eight modules covering topics such as basic Python language features,
the Geoprocessor ArcObject and it's associated classes, creation of
dynamic scripts which can be added to ArcToolbox, error handling
techniques, and many others. 
This class was developed by Geospatial Training
<>  & Consulting, LLC. and will be
taught by one of their experienced instructors.
Keck & Wood's Corporate Office (Metro Atlanta Area)
2425 Commerce Ave., Bldg 2100 Ste 300
Duluth, Ga 30096
How Much:
Introduction to ArcGIS I - $750.00 per student 
Introduction to ArcGIS II - $1,100.00 per student
Introduction to Geoprocessing with Python in ArcGIS - $800.00 per
Introduction to ArcGIS I & II Bundle - $1,750.00 per student
Three class bundle - $2,475.00 per student

Payment must be received prior to the start of class. Discounts are
available for organizations that send two (2) or more students. Students
that are able to provide their own laptop able to run ArcGIS 9.x will
receive a 10% discount. Laptops will need to have at least a Pentium 4
processor or equivalent, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB free hard drive space,
Windows 2000 or XP PRO, and a wireless network card in order to run
ArcGIS 9.x. The student will also need administrative rights on the
For more information please visit our website at
<> or contact us at
<mailto:gistraining at> gistraining at
Other upcoming Instructor Led classes:
Introduction to ArcGIS I - July 10-11 for
<mailto:sales at> GeoSpatial Training in Austin, TX
Introduction to ArcGIS II - July 12-14 for
<mailto:sales at> GeoSpatial Training in Austin, TX
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