shrug-l: geodatabases on Linux or Unix

Daniel Schwartz schwartz at
Thu Jun 1 15:00:39 EDT 2006


Is anyone on this list working with an ArcSDE geodatabase on Linux or Unix?
Can you tell me how to import shape files into such a database?

If you are on Windows, then you can use the ArcCatalog component of ArcGIS
for this.  But ArcGIS doesn't run on either Linux or Unix.

I have tried using the low-level shp2sde function, but this dosen't have the
same behavior as ArcCatalog.  It only maps in the geometry data, and none of
the attributes.  Also, it creates a different table for the geometry data
than does ArcCatalog.

I want to use ArcIMS to retrieve maps from the geodatabase, and it seems to
be necessary to have both the geometry data and the attributes in the forms
(tables) created by ArcCatalog.  I am assuming this can be done on Linux or
Unix.  Any insight into how to do it would be appreciated.

--Dan Schwartz

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