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    This should be fun!!
DMA - Designated Market Areas, the formal term for what is more commonly 
known as a TV or broadcast market. Definitions for DMA's are supplied by 
Nielsen Media Research that generates ratings for broadcast programming. 
DMA's are selected by totaling the viewer hours of TV stations whose 
signals reach a particular county with total hours, then converted to a 
percentage share of all viewing hours. DMA's are named for the market of 
origin of the station(s) with the largest share of viewer hours, and all 
counties whose largest viewer share is given to stations in that same 
market of origin are grouped together under that DMA.

MSAs - Metropolitan Statistical Areas are geographic areas each with a 
significant population nucleus, along with any adjacent communities that 
have a high degree of economic and social integration with that nucleus.

The 2000 standards provide that each CBSA must contain at least one urban 
area of 10,000 or more population. Each metropolitan statistical area must 
have at least one urbanized area of 50,000 or more inhabitants. Each 
micropolitan statistical area must have at least one urban cluster of at 
least 10,000 but less than 50,000 population.

>Climate (days of inclement weather) - National Weather Service
>Natural disaster propensity - local emergency management
>Political party affiliation - supervisor of elections
>Gasoline pricing - revenue or tax authority (if taxes are based on price)
>Taxation (income, sales/use, B&O) - statistical abstract or 
>"Social/Economic" from Census
>Local, state level regulation on: Cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, do not 
>mail" - state statutes

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