shrug-l: WGS84 vs NAD83 and data transformation

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Tue Jun 6 14:59:07 EDT 2006

Good Afternoon fellow SHRUGGIES:

Ok we recently received sub-centimeter GPS data in State Plane WGS84 (it was set up on the unit before they collected the data).  After I make it a shapefile and go to Define the shapefile, it seems that my only choice in ArcCatalog is State Plane NAD83.  I have read several posts on the web that state WGS84 and NAD83 are 'really close' and I can simply lie to ArcMap by choosing the State Plane NAD83 definition.  My concern is that I will be losing some resolution of my sub-centimeter data by lying to ArcMap.  

So here are all my questions:
Are WGS84 and NAD83 close enough?
Is there a way to define State Plane WGS84 in ArcCatalog?
Should I lie?
Any other suggestions?

Thanks - Holli

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