shrug-l: My Mind Has Gone Blank!

Nonie Castro nonie_castro at
Fri Jun 9 12:04:00 EDT 2006

Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!!
That worked!

I see what I was doing wrong, now. 
I was making the expression WAY too complex - 
I had too many parentheses and ampersands and whatnot. 

I am going to save this on my desktop so I'll never lose it. 

Oh, you have saved my sanity!

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> Nonie,
> Try this expression:
> Replace([NAME], " ", vbnewline)
> you need to replace [NAME] with the field you want to label 
> from.  This expression will replace any space it finds in the 
> value of the [NAME] field with a line return.
> Thus Maple Street would be:
> Maple
> Street
> when it gets labeled on the map.
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