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Tue Jun 20 11:24:36 EDT 2006

Hello - 
I know there have been several posts on ESRI's Users Forum regarding
taking borehole data into ArcScene to create a 3D soil layer and I have
used the answers in these posts. However, I have run into some problems.

My final goal is to create a 3D soil layer in ArcScene so we can visual
see where certain types of soil are located in a hill. 

Ok I took my borehole point location data and set up a field that gives
the depth to my clay and another field to the depth to my sand. I then
created a TIN from this using the clay field as mass points. Since I am
not sure if this is the correct method, I also did an Interpolate to
Raster/Kriging again using the clay field. 

Now taking my data into ArcScene. I extruded my borehole points to the
depth of clay field. I set the base heights of the TIN to itself and the
base heights of the Kriginig to itself as well (obtain heights from

Problem is that the TIN and Kriging layers line up with each other but
not to the extruded borehole points. The bottom of the extruded points
is much higher up than the TIN and Krig layer. Why? Any thoughts. 

I assumed since the TIN/Krig where based on the clay field from my
borehole point data that when the points where extruded to the clay
field (same exact numbers)they would line up? 

Also which method is the best to use to create the visual clay layer
that I need to show? TIN, Kriging, IDW etc? I obviously will create the
same for sand layer as well. 

Thanks - Holli 

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