shrug-l: Extension for ArcGIS 9.1 to create cross sections

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I do not know of an ESRI extension that will generate Cross Sections
like you can with CADD. I checked into 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst and
Survey Analyst but could not see any tools for generating cross
sections.  There was a gentleman at SERUG that was demoing some tools
that will but they have not been released to the public. It is possible
an ESRI BP has developed an extension which can generate cross sections
but I do not know of one off the top of my head. 

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HELP !!!!! 

I need to find an extension that will allow my to create cross section
drawings in ArcGIS.  It can be done easily in CADD, however, we have no
CADD designers in our office, and our subcontractor is too busy.

I need to find this "yesterday!!!" 

HELP !!!!! 

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