shrug-l: REQUEST for info on doing GIS with a tablet PC

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I would suggest looking into the Panasonic Toughbook, they are not cheap but well with our field employees.  The are using a link with GIS currently and this works well.

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I've used Tablet PC's with ArcGIS 8.x a few years ago and it worked very
well.  We used them in the field with connected GPS units to log
positions in real-time.  They do come with docking stations for desktop
use. However, our programmer would use an external monitor and
keyboard/mouse and use the Tablet as the CPU for long-term office work.

I was impressed with the performance, but would buy the best money can
buy to make sure your maximizing your functionality.  I have not
researched them recently, but I'm interested in buying one for myself
for home use.

Let me know how your search works out.


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Dear SHRUGgies,

Have any of you had any experience with using a tablet PC to do GIS? I
want to put one in next year's budget, but I don't want to end up with
something that can't do the job. What should I watch for? What should I
spec? Do they have docking stations for desktop use, or should I just
"fake it" with a keyboard, mouse and monitor?

My main purpose for requesting one is so that I can meet with non-GIS
clients within the organization and find out what they want on their
map, then bring it back to the office and make it so.

Any experience from anyone who's been there and done that, or is also
considering it, would be appreciated.

   - beel

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