shrug-l: REQUEST for info on doing GIS with a tablet PC

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We have done several tablet PC implementations for clients.  We started out using Toshibas (I can't remember the model number at the moment) that were pretty terrible, they had poor screen quality, and for a product that was marketed for mobile use, they couldn't serve the purpose at all.  Then we moved to MotionComputing LE1600's (  that do a really really good job outdoors with the "ViewAnywhere Display".  They have particularly good processing power for their size with a bit of a memory upgrade, and can easily handle ArcMap and ArcPAD.  Most of the implementations we have done were for Utilities that wanted asset location finding with a GPS using 6 inch imagery.  The tablets were easily able to handle the raster panning/updating in a quick manner.  Motion can also supply a rugged case for it that, while not waterproof, can handle just about any drop that it might deal with.

Also, you can purchase a "flexdock", which is a vertical mounting and charging station for the tablet with several USB ports for mouse/keyboard/external cd-dvd drive (highly recommended on the last one)

We often demo the LE1600's at any conference we go to in Florida, so if you see a WilsonMiller booth, feel free to stop by and take a look.

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Dear SHRUGgies,

Have any of you had any experience with using a tablet PC to do GIS? I
want to put one in next year's budget, but I don't want to end up with
something that can't do the job. What should I watch for? What should I
spec? Do they have docking stations for desktop use, or should I just
"fake it" with a keyboard, mouse and monitor?

My main purpose for requesting one is so that I can meet with non-GIS
clients within the organization and find out what they want on their
map, then bring it back to the office and make it so.

Any experience from anyone who's been there and done that, or is also
considering it, would be appreciated.

   - beel

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