shrug-l: REQUEST for info on doing GIS with a tablet PC

Tripp Corbin tcorbin at
Fri Mar 3 09:23:13 EST 2006

We have a client that uses the Panasonic Toughtbooks with great success.
Of the 10 plus units they have out with their field crews only one has
given them problems in the last two years. The problem unit was caused
by an employee plugging up a cell phone he had found in a ditch to
charge. This not only damaged the laptop but also shorted out the entire
electrical system on the truck.

The Toughbook comes in various models and sizes. They are built to Mil
spec so they can take abuse. If I were to put a computer in the field it
is what I would use. However if all you plan to do is use it in a
controlled environment where it will not face the elements then a normal
laptop would work just as well.

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