shrug-l: Grid, magnetic and true north

Sykes, John John.Sykes at
Thu Mar 9 09:41:27 EST 2006

I always include a scale and a north arrow on my maps (actually, I like to
use one of the compass roses that comes with ArcGIS) and tilt it roughly
towards "true" north (since my maps are all in the Albers projection, the
only place where "true" north and grid north are equal is just east of
Tallahassee near Monticello or Madison).

I was thinking that on some of my maps I would like to put the "three point"
north arrow that is seen on USGS Topos (Grid North, Magnetic North and True

Does anyone have a slick way of doing this? Or do I have to find the magnetic
declination for the center of my map (I can obtain that from the USGS
website) and adjust for that and grid north manually?  Any suggestions?

-- John

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