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It never hurts to ask...

Today, I emailed the GIS person at Clay County how the county can
justify selling public data for $500.  I mentioned FS 119.07 and offered
the link to the Florida Statutes website.  

As of today Clay County is now charging $100 and not $500 for their GIS

It just goes to show that it never hurts to ask.

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Below are a few prices I've come up with around here for Tax parcel
shapefiles and data.

Duval		$75
Nassau	$200
St. Johns	$300 ($75 for shapes, $75 x 3 for various data tables)
Clay		$500

It seems Duval is the only one that really charges for time and

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The selling of data by governments in the State of Florida is in
violation of Chapter 119.  They can recover the cost of distribution but
not recover the cost of creation.  Any government that charges should
have a complaint filed against them with the Attorney General's Office!

Not intended to shoot the mail man.


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