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This is not an isolated incident.  I haven encountered a similar problem in
saving a MXD and then ended up contacting ESRI support which appeared to be
aware of this kind of behavior of ArcMap.  I could not even save the MXD in
a different name and location.  ArcMap just locked it up entirely and
rebooting the desktop did not help either.  Unfortunately, this also appears
to be happening at random and it could not be replicated easily.  


The problem went away the next day entirely by itself and it was not


Good luck



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I have not experienced that behavior. Have you tried saving the MXD you are
in after you edit your script? That might work. I do know that SP2 for 9.2
is about to be released. Maybe it has a fix in it. 


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I know this sounds simple, But I am using ArcMap 9.2 and it does not always
appear to save my macros (I am just trying to save in Normal.mxt). In the
VBA editor I can select File->Save Normal.mxt and I notice the time and date
on the .MXT file DOES NOT change until I  exit arcMAP.  But If arcMap
crashes before I can exit (or exits in some other way) I appear to loose all
my work even if I have tried to save using the File->Save Function? Anyone
else experience this?  Is this a bug? Any work around?


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