shrug-l: Desire internship for summer into fall

eao05c at eao05c at
Wed Apr 4 11:50:17 EDT 2007

Dear SHRUG-L, I am a masters student in geography at FSU seeking a GIS 
based internship for the summer, but can continue into the fall if need 
be. I am doing this for both work experience and credit, some amount of 
paper work is needed on your end. I do not mind working for low pay pay 
or even free if the opportunity is very good. I am interested in using 
skills learned from this semester, such as interpolation, building 
personal geodatabases, working with raster data, and other GIS analysis 
techniques. I am familiar with Arcview. I am also interested in 
learning programing, which in of my goals for the summer. My only 
constraint is I must stay in the Tallahassee area for the summer. 
Please contact me at eao05c at if you'd would like 
further information.

Thank you,

Gene O'Donnell


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