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I had experienced extended processing time when I used transparency for
polygons.  Another problem I encountered was printing to PDF or exporting
to PDF which would use up a lot of your computer's resources.  The program
does not release all of the RAM back until you reboot your computer.  When
your computer runs out of RAM and start using the virtual memory (your hard
disk) then you will see it start crawling.  Remember that when you are
making a lot of PDF's.
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Not sure what kind of printer you have, but here is my experience.  We
have an HP 1055CM+ that used to be terribly inefficient until I updated
the drivers from PostScript to Windows.  Everything works a little
better.  Have not had an issue with an MXD and I print to multiple
computers and also PDF.  I have had problems with maps based off of
templates.  Have you tried deleting your Normal.mxt?

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>>> "Tony Darsey" <tdarsey at> 04/04/2007 2:22 PM >>>
HELP!!! Has anyone had a problem printing their maps?  I have a problem
both 9.1 and 9.2.  For some reason (on some of my files) it takes
for the data to spool to the printer, and it doesn*t matter if I*m
to a PDF or to any of the other printers in my office.  I can watch in
bottom left hand corner (as it is spooling) the layers will redraw over
over and over.  I*m wondering if it is some kind of corruption issue
the .mxd, the file can be printing fine one day and then the next it
just take forever and nothing new had really changed in the map.

   Tony Darsey

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