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Wed Apr 11 13:38:25 EDT 2007

I suppose you have SPAMed us more than Computer Tutors will for the next 2
years.  If you are serious about it than take out the By-laws and call a
board meeting.  I would encourage you to look at every aspect of the
By-laws and get into the legal side of the business to be thorough.  SHRUG
is a loosely held organization.  These are people with real jobs.  The
information on the website are outdated for years (not that I'm complaining
but simply stating the fact).  There has also been questions about members
from outside of the Seven Hills (Tallahassee/Leon county) area.  While you
are at it deal with that too.  I'm also pretty sure the SHRUG board members
have read the e-mail threads.  If you don't want to get serious about it
then I suggest you use the delete key like we do to all the other e-mails
that we don't want to read.

By the way, please do us a favor and not change the Subject line when you
are still e-mailing on the same topic so I don't have to read it before I
delete it.  Thanks.
Larry H. Kung
DOT/GIS - Transportation Statistics
(850) 414-4721
larry.kung at

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