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Wed Apr 11 13:56:28 EDT 2007

SHRUG members-

Just a quick note to address the issue of the messages recently to help head-off a potential flame-war.

Computer Tutors was one of the early subscribers to the SHRUG list, and does in fact, periodically offer ArcGIS and other ESRI-related courses.  Because of this they are allowed to continue posting class schedules from time to time.  I have yet to see any more than 1 a month (if that), so it does not seem to truly qualify as spam.

Since the SHRUG listserver is for the benefit of idea and data-sharing, vendors are extended the courtesy of posting training and/or job opportunities to the SHRUG community.  Since its inception in 1999, the listserver now reaches over 400 users- many of whom are outside the Tallahassee/Leon County area.  This is a testament to its success and support.

Another benchmark of a successful e-mail listserver is the amount of SPAM that you *don't* see.  Linc and I can vouch for the sheer number of bounce notifications that we get each day in our own e-mail inboxes because someone thought it necessary to subscribe SHRUG-L to an international Google Group (I'm still waiting for that person to 'fess up.)

So if you suspect spam to become problematic, by all means, voice that concern directly to the list administration.  No need for a shouting match to be sent to everyone's mailbox :-)



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