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I used the ESRI script copied below to add fields to a point layer's
attribute table (for latitude and longitude) and to have the fields populated
with each feature's respective coordinates.  


This worked great.  



When the layer is edited (the point locations are moved), the attribute table
does not automatically update lat/longs to reflect the change in location.


Is there a script that would not only add the respective coordinates for each
point location at the time the script is ran, but would also update the
lat/longs when a feature's location is changed?


Thanks for your help.


Have a great day,



Add Latitude and Longitude

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Dean Thevaos <> 

File Name



Visual Basic

Last Modified

Dec 4 2006 

Status of work

Public Domain


ArcGIS Desktop

File Size

56 kb



 ArcScripts is intended for the free exchange of scripts and tools related to
ESRI software products. Please alert the moderator if this script is a demo,
trial-version, or an advertisement for a retail product. 


Adds four fields to the selected point layer in the TOC; LongDD contains
Longitude of the point in Decimal Degrees, LatDD contains Lattitude of the
point in Decimal Degrees, LongDMS contains Longitude of the point in Degrees
Minutes Seconds, LatDMS contains Lattitude of the point in Degrees Minutes
Seconds. The fields are populated with their respective coordinates in
esriSRGeoCS_NAD1983. Written by Dean Thevaos and Jon DeRose



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