shrug-l: RE: Lat/Longs in an Attribute Table

Glombowski, Patina Patina.Glombowski at
Thu Apr 12 16:04:10 EDT 2007

Thank you to everyone that responded to my how-to request with regard to
automatically updating lat/longs in a point feature's attribute table.  

I have supplied the staff member (that made the request to have lat/longs in
an attribute table update automatically) the tool I used to add the lat/longs
to the attribute table of his point layer in the first place.  This same tool
("Add Latitude and Longitude" ESRI script) can be used to update lat/longs in
attribute tables to reflect changes in location as well.  (The fields update
without having to delete existing data prior to running the script.)  The
layer has to be selected and then the tool ran.  Although, not automatic,
(due to other pressing projects) this is as close to automatic as we are
going to get.   

Thank you to all who shared their expertise.  

Your help is greatly appreciated.  

Have a great day,



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