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You did not tell what RDBMS your SDE is on.  If it is in Oracle, you can use
PS/SQL.  Once you connect to the RDBMS through PS/SQL, execute the following


Select table_name from sde.layers order by table_name


On the other hand, if it is in SQL Server, you can use OSQL and once connect
to the RDBMS, execute the following similar state below:


SELECT table_name from sde.sde_sdelayers order by table_name.


These two statements will dump all the sde layer names on the screen and
then you can cut and paste to a text editor.  Of cause, you can send the
layer names to a text file, but you will have to modify the script including
the connection parameters.  There are some other ways to get a list of SDE
layer names directly from MS Access and/or Excel from both Oracle and SQL


Good luck!



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Good morning,

I am trying to end up with a text file listing all of our SDE layers. We are
using ArcGIS 9.2 and ArcSDE 9.0

Thank you for all your assistance,

Judith Ippolito
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