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Have you tried using ArcScan? I do not think it has a size limit. Other
than that you will need to reduce the actual file size and not through
compression. Compression only reduces the storage size. The image must
decompress into memory when viewed bring it back to it's original size
or at least that is the way I understand it. So you would need to reduce
your resolution, trim the image or some combination of both.

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Good morning everybody, I have received a large TIFF of an old scanned
map that is approx. 450mb.  I georeferenced it and tried to convert to
vector for further clean-up but spatial analyst is giving me an 'over
the max 2GB' error.  I tried a lossee compression because I just need
the boundaries from the map but this did not help and took over 2 hours
to process.  Can anyone give me a suggestion? Thanks! Kristal


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