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Dear GIS Colleague,


The Georgia Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (Georgia
URISA) is offering a monetary award in 2007 to deserving GIS students.
For the first time this year, The Thomas Mettille Student Achievement
Award is being expanded to include more than one recipient - one
graduate student as well as one undergraduate student, thanks to the
2006 Faust family donation.  The award consists of an ESRI Single Use
License of ArcView and $500. We invite students to submit an abstract on
a valid GIS project and for instructors to nominate student(s) from your
program for consideration for this award.  Submittals must be received
by Friday, April 20, 2007. Winners will be announced by Friday, April
27, 2007. Each winner will be expected to present their GIS-related
project at the Georgia URISA Student Award/Career Day Luncheon on
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 (giving each winner 2-weeks to prepare).


The criteria for nomination are as follows: 


1. Must be a student who uses GIS in his/her course of study.


2. One award will be offered to one graduate and one undergraduate
student, currently enrolled in a Georgia academic institution.


3. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


The scoring will be based on the following:


      Reflects broad research and application of critical-thinking

      Shows notable insight or understanding of the topic

      Reflects good understanding of the technology used in the project

      Captures the audience's attention and compels

      Has a clear goal related to a significant topic or issue

      Information included has been compiled from several relevant

      The project is useful to an audience beyond the students who


      There is a focus that is maintained throughout the piece



      Creative and effective and fully describes the focus of the

      Presents information in an accurate and organized manner that can

      easily understood by the intended audience

      All elements make a contribution

      Little or no technical problems, and none of a serious nature

      Elements of presentation are in a balanced, attractive,

      easy-to-follow format

      With minor exceptions, all elements contribute rather than detract

      from the presentation's overall effectiveness


Use of Technology:

      The project demonstrates competence in the use of current GIS

      technology.  All GIS and related software and techniques must be

      fully documented.

      The project demonstrates the use of at least one of the following:

      analytical GIS techniques (raster and / or vector), programming,

      preparation and manipulation, and database design.

      The project employs some use of new technology or the use of

      technology in innovative ways.

      The project demonstrates an understanding of how GIS is applied to

      solve real-world problems.



      At least two references must be supplied of individuals who can

      verify the project content. References must include name, title,

      organization, contact phone, e-mail address, and postal address.

      All source material must be fully acknowledged using footnotes and


      All project data must be documented with the most current FGDC-
and/or ISO-        compliant  metadata.


Point Scoring Methodology:

      Topic                                       Points

      Content                                     (2)

      Presentation                                (1)

      Use of Technology                           (1.5)

      References                                  (.5)


For consideration of this award, please send the following items:


1. A project summary, demonstrating the student's competency in using


2. 2 references and/or an instructor recommendation


For consideration, please send these items (digital or hardcopy -
digital is preferred) by April 20, 20076 to:


      Natalie Culpepper


      11465 Johns Creek Parkway

      Suite 230

      nculpepper at

      p. 678-417-1883 X 12

      f. 678-417-1887


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natalie. 



Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP

Associate Vice President, GIS/Mapping

ESRI Authorized Instructor

Keck & Wood, Inc.


(678) 417-4013

(678) 417-8785 fax


Keck & Wood, Inc offers instructor led and virtual training for ESRI's
ArcGIS & ArcView software.
Please visit  <> for more
information including a schedule of upcoming classes. 




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