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We've hit this one before a few times with a few different dialog boxes, including the identify dialog and the attributes dialog.  Essentially, somehow, the registry value for the default location that the dialogs open to has been overwritten with some nonsense, probably negative numbers.  
The only way that this can be fixed as far as I know is to change the default location values in the registry.  
If you want to give this a shot, do so at your own risk:
Close ArcMap and any ESRI products
Start-> Run, type "regedit", then navigate to:
> Software
> ArcMap
> Garcia
The regkey you're looking for is AttrWindowPos, and just set its value to something positive in every slot.  Mine was currently:  206,367,892,663
Reopen ArcMap and hopefully it will work.

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I have one of our techs and now a client as well having a weird issue. They can not get their Edit Attributes dialog box to show. Anyone else run into this and might know a fix? 

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