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I would have to agree as well...DSMapbook works very well for the things
that we have done - citywide mapbook with or without aerials behind it.
Takes a couple of tweaks to make it the way you want, but otherwise I
think it's a great tool.


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I second what Tim has said. We use the DSMapbook Plotting routine both
in-house and with our clients. We have tweaked it a little so the Local
Indicator maintains a set scale around map tiles that are not surround
on all sides by other tiles.


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We have had excellent results from the "DS Mapbook" utility that is
available from ESRI. We've used it to generate 225-page map books in
sizes from letter to 2'x3', with and without ortho imagery. DS Mapbook
was part of ArcGIS 9.1, hopefully also in 9.2.
The only weakness I have found is that because it is a "developer's
sample" utility, documentation is not as detailed as hoped. But the ESRI
on-line user forum has many useful discussions about Mapbook.
My two cents ...
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