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One thing is sure is that those are bad coordinates because of the lack of
projection systems and datum.  Keep in mind that latitude (usually refer to
Y) values do not exceed 90 degree or (90x60) 4500 minute or 324,000
(90x3600) seconds. 


There is a good chance that the numbers were entered by a high school


Good luck



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I don't believe you can divine the source from the numbers as written. 

The apostrophe [indicating feet?] may be a typo or translation error from
Unix to Windows.


The same numbers are used in UTM and state plane grids all over the world.
That's pretty much the purpose of numbers and Cartesian coordinate grids.
There is nothing that makes these numbers unique to Florida, Canada or Iraq



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Hello Shruggers -


I am sure one of you out there can help me to figure this out so that I do
not have to spend any more time than necessary on it, especially since I
don't have any more time.



What format are these coordinates in?


Lat (X coordinate) 2,447'064.00

Long (Y coordinate) 9,632'845.00



And how do I get them to DMS?



Thanks - Holli 

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