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The primary contacts for the Leon County Aquifer Vulnerability
Assessment (LAVA) are:
Alex Wood awood at at Advanced GeoSpatial Inc. 850-580-4447
Brian Wiebler wieblerb at at Tallahassee Leon County Planning
Alex will be presenting "Leon County Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment
and Related Projects: Ground-Water Protection and Management Tools" at
the SHRUG Conference. 
Don't miss it!
Ned Cake
SHRUG Presentation Coordinator

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Contact Jonathan Arthur at the Florida Geological Survey (850-487-9455
or Jonathan.Arthur at He is the primary investigator for
FAVA and FAVA Phase II. He can probably direct you to the source data.
If I am not mistaken Advanced Geospatial, Inc. in Tallahassee did some
of the work. Another contact may be Clint Kromhout at the FGS (Jon’s
assistant of FAVA Phase II).

David S. Anderson
NHD Coordinator (ES III)
Voice: (850) 245-8550

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Hey everyone! 
Today there was an article in the Democrat talking about the Floridan
Aquifer Vulnerability Maps produced for Leon and Wakulla Counties.  I
think that Leon County paid for their work and DEP paid for the Wakulla
County work.  I thought, with the cutbacks in the State budget, that
these maps would help us to prioritize Hazardous Waste Cleanup Sites in
these counties, but the article only had two so-so quality PDFs of these
maps.  Do any of you out there working for Leon County or the Florida
Geographical Survey have these maps as ArcGIS layers?  I already have
the FAVA maps, but this is one step further in the decision-making
process and could help us out due to the publicity they are generating.
Thanks in advance, if you can help! 
-- John 


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