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Position Details

 	 Position Title: GIS Specialist	  	
 	 Summary of Position:	  	
 	 Consults with internal and external customers on requirements
for GIS services. 
Responsible to develop demographic and geographic analysis as a result
of those requirements.	  	
 	 Responsibilities Include:	  	
 	 1. Gathers requirements and designs databases to perform
circulation, demographic and geographic analysis. 
2. Provide support and interpretation for research, segmentation and
demographic services. 
3. Understands all aspects of standard GIS data, cartography, postal
geography and the direct mail industry. 
4. Develops, initiates and tests report formats and procedures
5. Communicates GIS capabilities with external and internal clients. 
6. Trains department personnel on standard GIS job requests. 
7. Tests GIS programs for efficient processing and effective reporting. 
8. Reformats client supplied information to be compatible with the Cox
Target Media operating systems. 
9. Assists departmental management on special projects as directed and
completes them in a timely, thorough, and accurate manner. 
10. Must be able to work concurrently on several projects and to work
under deadlines. 
11. Uses MS Office and other basic applications to download and plot
shape files. 
12. Produces communicative and cartographical thematic maps. 
13. Maintains proficiency on all data sources so customer inquiries can
be answered readily. 
14. Provides customer service support and customer compliance via phone
or written communications. 
15. Occasional OT required. 
16. Periodic travel may be required.	  	
 	 Requirements of the Position:	  	
 	 Minimum 2 years technical/analytical experience plus 2 years
customer service experience involving problem solving and complaint
resolution required. One year of GIS related experience, preferably in
Arcview environment. Working knowledge of ESRI GIS Arcview, ArcGIS 8
preferred. BA degree in related field or 4 years equivalent work
experience required. 
Apply here:
Department: Marketing
Location: Tampa/St. Pete
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