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C. Henry Depew sisu26 at
Tue Oct 23 11:51:52 EDT 2007

       At one point I was looking into the question and received the 
list from the railroad companies.  I forgot the name of the 
publication but it runs down each railroad track and notes where 
everything that the railroad is concerned about is located.  In some 
cases it is by mile marker and in some cases there is a lat/long 
associated with the fallibility.  The switch yards show on the air 
photos quite nicely.  In fact, DeLorme's Street Atlas shows most of 
them.  If the GIS Unit at DEM has not thrown out the material, the 
information on every active rail line in Florida someplace in the 
files (three or four printed "manuals").

C. Henry Depew
DCA/DEM/GIS Unit (retired)

At 08:52 AM 10/23/2007, David.Burns at wrote:

>Hi all.  Does anyone happen to know where to obtain a dataset containing
>all railroad stations/rail yards in the state of Florida?  The dataset
>we're currently working with contains only Amtrak stations.  Your help is
>--Dave Burns
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