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The Florida Department of Revenue currently collects parcel files for the entire state. They are maintained in a county by county manner, not 1 sigular layer.


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Good afternoon,

Would anyone be able to point Mr. Grasshoff in the right direction regarding a statewide parcel layer?


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My name is Ian Grasshoff.  I am the GIS Analyst/Land Information Officer for Waupaca County, Wisconsin.  I am a member of a parcel geodatabase task force, organized by the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA).  My task is to contact other States and see where they are at in regards to collecting a Statewide digital parcel layer.  If you don't have one collected, do you have you any plans to create a statewide parcel layer?  If so, what kind of time frame are you looking at?  I am not sure if this is the correct agency to contact.  Please point me in the direction of the proper agency if I am sending this question to the wrong entity.

Thanks for your time

-= Ian =-


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  Name:          Ian Grasshoff
  Organization:  Waupaca County, WI
  Email address: igrass at
  Telephone:     715-258-6496
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  Country:       USA

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