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Shawn Lewers slewers at
Mon Oct 29 13:24:31 EDT 2007

Ok Guys—I may already know the answer to this but I will ask the experts 
anyways. Please send me your opinions on the best geo-coding tools out 
there. I intend on buying either reference data or a software package 
with data. Of course I have the entire host of ESRI tools at our shop. I 
know that DOH uses different software that has great results based on 
something that Calvin Desousa did for Wakulla county. Anyhow I would 
appreciate your input.

Humbly submitted,

Shawn Lewers

Shawn W. Lewers

IT Specialist/GIS Manager

Director COSSGIS Labs

College of Social Sciences

Florida State University

027 Bellamy Building


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