shrug-l: Re: CAD to GIS projection

Tim Spivey tspivey at
Tue Oct 30 11:33:49 EDT 2007

Steve -
I'm not sure that "easy" is going to be an option here, unless the CAD
folks are willing to create their drawings with some form of ground
referencing. Re-projecting will not work unless the source data contains
earth coordinates or georeferencing info.
We "rubbersheet" CAD files to our basemap in ArcEditor (when we know for
sure where the drawings should wind up on the ground). Or if I don't
have good destination control points for rubbersheeting, I use the
"TerrainTools 2D" mapping and drafting program to literally drag and
re-size a CAD file, kicking and screaming, to its proper location, then
export it as a shapefile.
ESRI's on-line education web site has a nice free self-study class on
working with CAD data -
Tim Spivey
Tift County GA

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