shrug-l: how do i get lat-long coordinates

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Add to the list the AlaskaPak V 2.0 Toolkit for ArcGIS 9.2  See
Allows for 3 diff. formats for Lat/Long in addition to data frame units.  I
"listens" to your dataframe properties, so set that first, then run the
Other nice functions are included.
An Arcview and 8.3 tool stiil exists.

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There are a couple of ways I can think of. The first would be to use
CorpsCon with the original text file to convert the UTM coordinates to
Lat and Long. Another way to set your data frame to GCS and use the
Calculate Geometry function in ArcGIS 9.2.

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I have a point shapefile that I plotted from a text file of UTM
coordinates.  I want to get the corresponding lat-long coordinates and
have them appended to the attribute file.  Anyone know how I can do


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