shrug-l: proportion of watershed upstream of monitoring location

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One option you have is a bit labor intensive and you'd have to determine cost
vs benefit but it involves incorporation of your data into a model
co-developed by Dr. David Maidment (University of Texas, Austin) and ESRI.
Among other things, it would require that you also input a surface terrain
layer (a TIN or raster with elevations developed from a DEM for example) and
a water feature layer representing the streams and rivers you're interested
in (the National Hydrographic Dataset (NHD) would provide an excellent
source).  For more information, see... and
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Subject: shrug-l: proportion of watershed upstream of monitoring location
I have a point shape file of monitoring locations on rivers.  I have a shape
file of the watershed polygons in which those monitoring stations are
located.  For a particular monitoring location, how do I calculate the
proportion of the watershed that is upstream from that location?
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