shrug-l: proportion of watershed upstream of monitoring location

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Michael, there's a way to do it in ArcHydro but you have to have a DEM,
create flow direction and then use your sample sites as "pour points"
basically.  The tools run in sequence so if you don't get too bogged
down in the literature and just use your default settings, it shouldn't
take you tool long.  The flow accumulation grid will give you the area
at which the sample sites coincide and this is equal to your upslope
drainage area. I'm not a real experienced ArcHydro user so I'm sure
there are others out there that may give you some more specific advice.
Good luck. Kristal


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I have a point shape file of monitoring locations on rivers.  I have a
shape file of the watershed polygons in which those monitoring stations
are located.  For a particular monitoring location, how do I calculate
the proportion of the watershed that is upstream from that location?






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